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The Give and Care Foundation offers a variety of programming for youth in foster care and foster care children that have been adopted. Please see "Contact us" for enrollment or further information. Our programming is as follows:

One Saturday a month youth in foster care or in adoption will be able to participate in performing arts and life skills workshops. Workshops are intended to expose participants to a variety of artistic and athletic themed activities that aim to strengthen life skills and support personal development and growth. Guest artists and instructors will introduce youth to a diverse range of programming including but not limited to: storytelling, music, dance, cooking, athletics, and visual arts.  The work of youth enrolled in the workshops will be showcased at the yearly gala hosted by The Give and Care Foundation in the spring. This program is still being developed.

The Give and Care Foundation provides healthy, safe and secure mentorship. Mentorship has been shown to positively impact a child’s life in the following ways:

· Improve school attendance

· Decrease school drop-out rates

· Improve self-esteem and self confidence

· Improve ability to resolve conflicts and aggressive behavior

· Develop new aspirations, skills and interests

· Increase a sense of community and connectedness

· Decrease in illegal activities and teen pregnancy

Adults paired with youth are expected to work on life skills development and model healthy behavior that will prepare youth for a successful transition into adulthood and independent living. Mentors and youth are expected to participate in a monthly journal exchange, and various activities that provide a positive experience for youth to connect with and build healthy relationships with responsible adults.

Youth Exploration

The Give and Care Foundation is committed to ensuring that youth in foster care and provided with the same opportunities and experiences as non-foster care youth. Youth exploration events are designed to strengthening character development, building social skills and increasing a child’s sense of self-worth by providing hands on experiences. Exploration events take place once a month during the school year and more frequently during school breaks and summer vacation. Some events also include mentors.

Summer Explosion:
This is an annual event that encourages youth to challenge themselves by participating in activities such as canoeing, swimming, fishing, and outdoor games. By providing an opportunity for youth to participate in new and somewhat challenging activities in a safe and welcoming environment, TGACF intends to strengthen youths’ self-esteem, social skills, while building a sense of belonging. Staff and volunteers provide youth with mentorship, facilitate teambuilding activities that promote personal growth. In addition, the director of Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield, MN donates her time to provide education about the environment. This event takes place annually in August.

Education Outreach:
The Give and Care Foundation is committed to improving the educational outcomes of students in foster care by providing afterschool tutoring, test preparation, career exploration activities, and assistance in understanding and accessing post-secondary opportunities (jobs, trade schools, and college). This will be done by developing partnerships with schools, and community and governmental agencies to service the educational needs of youth in foster care. This program is still being developed.